On site testing for groups/families travelling together (+10 people or more)

*There will be an on-site service fee of $2,000 pesos for each group.

  1. Send us an email

    to sayulitacovidtestingcenter@gmail.com

  2. Provide details

    – How many people are in your group. (minimum 10 people)
    – Departure date and destination country.

  3. Payment

    All bookings require a credit card **
    **Cancellation policy: 50% charge if group booking is cancelled within 7 days of testing.

A nurse or technician will be doing the test at your hotel or villa,

And an administration assistant will process the payments and verifies that your data is correct.

Antibodies Test
  • us/ $800 mnx
PCR Test
  • us/ $3,800 mnx
Antigen Test
  • us/ $1,600 mnx